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Money Metals' Weekly Market Wrap Podcast

Aug 25, 2017

Today we’ve got a fantastic interview with columnist Guy Christopher</a>. Guy shares some helpful tips on how to talk to your family and friends about the importance of gold and silver, and offers up some of his other great insights as well.


Aug 18, 2017

Greg Weldon of Weldon Financial & author of Gold Trading Boot Camp, gives us his thoughts on the scenario that could ensure if a selloff drives everyone out of stocks, Bitcoin, & why he views gold as a coiled spring.


Aug 11, 2017

Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal and one of the top trends forecaster in the world joins us for an explosive interview on the dollar, the growing tensions with North Korea and a wildcard that he sees driving a big run in gold.


Aug 4, 2017

Paul-Martin Foss shares his firsthand account of what those on Capitol Hill truly think of our monetary system, and how most in Congress simply don’t have a clue about the Federal Reserve banking cartel, let alone the importance of sound money.