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Money Metals' Weekly Market Wrap Podcast

Sep 27, 2019

Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies joins me for another top-flight interview as we discuss some major stresses in the financial system that are going to result in some serious issues in the economy. He also talks about the trade summit happening next month and what it will likely mean for precious metals if a...

Sep 20, 2019

It’s been a big week of geopolitical strife and potential crisis points for financial markets. Also, later in today’s program we’ll hear from Forbes CEO, business icon and two-time presidential candidate, Steve Forbes. Mr. Forbes unloads on the Fed and its horrific track record -- with accuracy that’s worse than...

Sep 13, 2019

Axel Merk of Merk Investments joins us for a conversation on the latest central banking shenanigans, why he believes the economy may heat up again in the near term, and why the war on cash and the move to digital money will continue to drive people into gold. | Check Gold and Silver Prices Here: 

Sep 6, 2019

Later in today’s program we’ll hear a fascinating interview with Greg Weldon of Weldon Financial. Greg breaks down the recent move in silver, a move off of a breakout point he called spot on on this program a few weeks ago, and also gives us his thoughts on the pullback we saw on Thursday. Greg also tells us at what...