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Money Metals' Weekly Market Wrap Podcast

Sep 30, 2022

Another tumultuous week of trading in asset markets is raising hopes for a peak in the U.S. dollar and a bottom in precious metals. The Federal Reserve note spiked again versus the euro and other troubled foreign currencies on Monday before pulling back sharply mid-week. Metals markets moved predictably in the...

Sep 23, 2022

Precious metals markets are trying to hang tough this week despite another large rate hike by the Federal Reserve… that was at least the line as of yesterday’s close. | Do you own precious metals you would rather not sell, but need access to cash? Get Started Here: 

Sep 16, 2022

As rate hike fears drove heavy selling on Wall Street this week, precious metals investors are finding some silver lining amid the storm clouds. Worse than expected inflation data has put a 75 basis-point rate increase firmly back on the table. Futures markets are now pricing in the possibility that the Federal Reserve...

Sep 9, 2022

As Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell vows to keep fighting the high inflation he helped unleash, investors are also weighing evidence of a weakening jobs market. Gathering signs of a recession could cause the Fed to dial down future rate hikes. | Do you own precious metals you would rather not sell, but need access...

Sep 2, 2022

Precious metals markets got off to a rough for the month of September.

Gold prices fell to test the $1,700 level on Thursday. As of this Friday recording, the monetary metal is back up above $1,700 and currently trades at $1,721 an ounce – down 1.4% for the week.

Do you own precious metals you would rather not sell,...