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Money Metals' Weekly Market Wrap Podcast

Feb 26, 2016

This week we’ll welcome back Michael Pento. He released some 2016 financial market predictions a couple of months ago, and they are ALREADY playing out right before our eyes. I’ll ask him what he sees ahead for the markets now and what he sees for gold.


Feb 19, 2016

This Week Dan Norcini explains why gold has been moving up so far this year, whether or not metals investors should be concerned that silver is lagging, and what he sees ahead for both metals in the weeks and months ahead.


Feb 12, 2016

This week's interview is with Marc Faber, editor and publisher of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report. Dr. Faber talks about just how insane the money printing by the central banks has gotten and also answers the question of why it is that Wall Street and the financial media hate gold.


Feb 5, 2016

Coming up we’ll hear from Keith Neumeyer, CEO of First Majestic Silver Corp. Keith updates us on the state of the mining industry, how ridiculous and ultimately damaging the futures market has become, and why he believes the possibility of triple digit silver is NOT ridiculous.