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Money Metals' Weekly Market Wrap Podcast

Feb 28, 2020

Greg Weldon of Weldon Financial joins us for another tremendous interview where he breaks down the market fallout still ahead of us as a result of the coronavirus, why gold and silver won’t be immune to the selloff that will continue to take place in all markets. | Check Gold and Silver Prices Here: 

Feb 21, 2020

Michael Rivero joins us for an incredible interview on a range of topics including the plan to take out President Donald Trump, why we may not seen the last of Hillary Clinton, how globalism is a bad thing when we’re dealing with a pandemic and why we shouldn’t sleep on the Middle East despite the apparent mutual...

Feb 14, 2020

David Smith of The Morgan Report and columnist joins us to discuss the dearth of exploration that’s taking place in the silver mining industry and what that may mean for the supply of silver during the coming mania phase of retail buying he says will one day be upon us. David also offers some advice...

Feb 7, 2020

Axel Merk of Merk Investments joins me to discuss why he’s watching developments in China and with the coronavirus so closely and how it may affect the global economy and the financial markets. Axel also offers some very good advice about the importance of understanding why it is that you own gold and the danger of...